Rolex Submariner Replica maintenance of common sense

1、the hands sweat on the case when there are corrosive wear rolex submariner replica, steel case because it is nickel-chromium alloy, corrosion resistance can be better, semi-steel case of copper, prolonged contact with sweat, easy corrosion, should always use soft cloth wipe sweat or plastic watch mat care to prevent its erosion sweat.
2、Long-term storage does not wear rolex replica, should be a regular monthly winding automatic movement rolex submariner replica watches should gently rocking back and forth a few minutes or worn on the wrist for some time so that it automatically on a wound. The parts will not be long at rest, in order to ensure the functioning of the performance table machine.
3、rolex replica by the tide, use a dry cotton pressed on the watch, and then 40-watt light bulb bake 5 minutes, you can list all the moisture is evaporated.
4、Remove the outer packaging, be sure to keep rolex replica watches used protective packaging. These protective watch boxes, can be given at the time do not usually wear a watch safest protection against the watch is broken or crashed, it will retain the box is absolutely necessary, but do not wear watches on weekdays proposals, habit into the box, you can greatly reduce the chance of damage to the rolex replica.
5、Not like to rolex replica and cosmetic powder in the same drawer or box because powder can dive table machine oil pollution from invisible gap, affecting mechanical operation. In particular it should be noted that you can not watch on camphor closet, because the camphor gasification will spread into the case, so that the parts in the form of oil coagulation, rust and loss of lubrication, making parts susceptible to rust and wear and tear, resulting in reduced time and are not allowed to watch life go
6、rolex replica must regularly inspect and clean fuel apart, generally about three years time should be washable,poor sealing watches,washable some time should be separated too shor.
7、Speed ​​occurs when the rolex submariner replica should go to a professional store open the back cover to be adjusted. If you watch every day slow, then adjust the speed needle is not valid, the case of this situation is the need for clean fuel.

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